The best tart ever


It’s so common in the UK to see apples and blackberries together. They’re kind of a perfect combination. Alone, they’re great, but together, there’s this magical alchemy that makes you wonder if there maybe is some kind of design behind this whole existence thing. Yeah, I know… the human body is amazing, the complexities of [...]

All purpose Gluten Free Flour


Remember how I got sick in Mexico a couple of weeks ago? I haven’t been able to touch unfermented wheat ever since. Which, if you look at most of the things I write about, has come to be slightly distressing. I love coffee cakes and tarts and cookies. Almost as much as I love… hmm, [...]

Prickly Pear Jelly


Prickly pear cactus grows all over the Southwestern US. It’s a big, beautiful plant, and the whole thing is edible, once you remove the thorns. In Mexico it’s as common to eat as eggs, but here it’s a relatively unknown food item, except in Mexican communities. In Mexico it’s called ‘nopales’, and the fruits are [...]

Pumpkin spiced chai


I imagine you’ll laugh at me if you live in, say, Colorado.┬áSo let me tell you that when I say “cold”, I completely understand that, living in Southern California, I have absolutely no ground to stand on. Unless you count the Pacific in January. “Cold” in Los Angeles is not cold in Nova Scotia. I [...]