Winter warmers


I remember when I was young, a friend asked me if I’d rather live somewhere that was too ┬áhot, or too cold. I thought about it long and hard, and finally decided “Too cold.” “Why,” she asked me (we lived in Scotland– nobody in their right mind would choose cold over hot). “Because you can [...]

Christmas pudding


Christmas time makes me miss the UK. Where it got dark around 4pm, and the shops would stay open late, and you’d have to bundle up in your winter coat with a hat and scarf. Where you’d go Christmas present shopping after school and the wind would bite your nose, and the smell of roasted [...]

Winter lips


I got a call from Lucie the other day. She’d be filming a show up on top of some skyscrapers that were being built in New York City (ah, the glamorous life of a TV producer) and between the wind and the cold, her already Jolie-esque lips looked like she’d had one collagen injection too [...]