Rose hip and orange face scrub


I went to throw out my leftover rice from dinner, and Pushpa told me off. Round here, you don’t throw out food. She collected all the leftovers (none of us can actually finish everything she gives us– I swear she’s trying to fatten us up) in a bowl and took it outside saying “there are [...]

Dosas with tomato chutney


My days here look something like this: Wake up as Lou and Meghan are going to yoga class. Have an Indian coffee (2 spoons of instant, 2 spoons of sugar, top up with milk.). Take a bucket bath (with warm water now!). Skype Jam, write for a wee bit. Then go to yoga. After yoga [...]

Pushpa’s lemon rice


I’m in India. South India, to be specific. Mysore, to be even more specific. I’ve been wanting to come here for years, and was getting so sick of seeing my [lovely] sister post amazing photos of all the stuff she was seeing, that I booked a ticket to come out here myself. So far, I’ve [...]

Rosehip Pannacotta


Wandering around London, I’ve been seeing tons of rose bushes with the rosehhips hanging on for dear life. My friends, if you want to  play this wild thing game, now might be the time to go and steal a few (responsibly of course) from a sleeping neighbour. I’ve been going through a pannacotta phase lately. [...]