Banana-almond muffins


Some things are just meant to be eaten on top of a mountain. You know, picnic style. With the cold wind whipping around your face, and the ocean far away in front of you, and the sweat on your back starting to chill but not enough that you need to get moving again. Mountain top [...]

Duck, duck, spruce.


It hit 80 degrees last week. I know this because I was standing on top of a mountain, sweating like crazy, cursing myself for not wearing a hat. In many parts of the country it’s still snowing, but here it’s hat season. A couple more months and I’ll be doing my Jonah thing, and sitting [...]

Fir tip shortbread


Around age 9, a teacher introduced me to wood sorrel. The fact that there was a plant, out there, in the woods, that was edible, completely blew my mind. I started going into the woods as often as I could to eat wood sorrel. And by ‘eat’ I mean, to wipe out the entire population [...]

Idli with Coconut chutney


I am standing in my own kitchen. After a month of not having access to a kitchen. Or at Pushpa’s, having a kitchen but absolutely no permission to do anything except watch and/ or chop onions), I am back. A month of bookmarking things that I want to try and jotting down notes. A month [...]

Goat cheese spruce balls


Playing around with spruce tips is really fun. They taste so good that I have a ‘one for you, one for me’ thing going on with whatever I am doing. And then my breath smells like pine forest for hours afterwards. Not only that, but these might be some of my favourite things to gather [...]

Wild things: Spruce tips


With spring comes quick and constant changes in the mountains. It seems that from day to day another thing is blooming, and even in Southern California, where the greens start coming up in December, it’s still a treat to see actual wildflowers– the ceanothus and peonies and gnaphaliums and poppies. It’s an absolute treat, especially [...]

Wild things roundup for February: Rose hips


It’s up. Thanks to Butter for hosting the round-up this month so that all my lazy ass needs to do is copy and paste her text into a post . Seriously though, month one was fantastic. It was so wonderful to be able to spend a month coming up with ideas of things to do [...]