Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup


I have a thing for wild mushrooms. I’m pretty sure that everyone who is into foraging does. See, at least for me, they’re elusive. Earlier this year, I was out looking for chanterelles every day. I’d found them in this spot last year, so as far as I was concerned it was a no-brainer. Well, [...]

Blackberry-Elderflower Galettes


I will not complain about this weather. I won’t. A month ago I wrote something on Facebook about how I hated the heat. How I was eating a watermelon in my underwear and sweating and was in a very very bad mood about the whole thing. Then a friend on the East coast said that [...]

Salted chocolate cake


It was Simon’s birthday. But when I found out that it was actually on Monday and not next month like Jamie said, I went into panic mode because I couldn’t find what I wanted to get him anywhere. And it would have been a really cool present. He spends most of his life traveling around. [...]

Wild things in May: Elder Flowers


Our Wild Thing for the month of May is the lovely, faerie-like elder flower. Now, I’ve never actually cooked with them, so this is going to be a fun adventure… Look on almost any roadside in the late Spring, and you’re sure to see an elder bush. They’re ubiquitous in the US and in Europe, [...]

California Lamb


I never knew how much I loved silence until I moved to Los Angeles. From Palm Desert where I’d lie on the floor of my favourite canyon and just listen to the desert hum, to LA where, for the first few months, I’d sleep with ear plugs and a pillow over my head because the [...]

Wild Things in April: Dandelion

dandelion flower with bee butterpoweredbike

The Wild Things Roundup for the month of April is here. Many thanks to Butter for doing all the hard work, and we’ve got a ton of recipes for you to enjoy . Here’s Butter: The Wild Things Round Up was created as a celebration of the magic and power of wild edibles.  As your [...]