Wild things in August: Grape Roundup

kyra's grapevine

The Wild Things Roundup for August is up on the lovely Hunger and Thirst. Go and check it out please, and bookmark it for the next time you stumble upon a grape vine and can’t decide what to do with all the deliciousness… Wild Things: Grape Roundup

Lonely tower cove


I do not sleep well at anchor. En route to Alicante, we sailed into a little cove- a magic cove really- that Jam has named “cala de torre solamente” (lonely tower cove). He spotted it from a mile out, and insisted we sail in to explore it. Some people would call it luck, but I [...]

Tortilla Espanola


I forgot about how nice some things are at home. Like clean sheets and a comfy bed that is so big you can stretch out in your sleep and still not know there’s someone else there. And like having a bathroom that you don’t share with a hundred other people in the marina. And good [...]

Blue water


When I was young I’d draw like a madwoman. My favourite thing to draw was the sea with a full moon, and that nice triangle of light shimmering its way down the page. It was, to me, the most beautiful thing ever. On board my dad’s old boat, Easy Action, when I was 3 or [...]

The good ship.


As I write this, big fluffy cumulus clouds are forming on the horizon, and my brother, Alex, is checking the weather reports to make sure we won’t run into a storm later this afternoon. We’re in Spain. Torrevieja, to be exact: a small resort town on the East coast. We’re on a boat. Gatablanca, to [...]