Herbs for athletes. Part 2.


Following up from last week, where I wrote about herbs for athletic performance, this week I want to talk about injuries. Because they happen to the best of us. I’ve seen some seriously gnarly injuries over the years, from my own torn LCL, to a separated AC joint with an inch separating the acromion and [...]

Rhubarb-almond tart


We’ve been busy round here. Next Wednesday is my 30th birthday, and we’re throwing a Dia De Los Muertos party in the back yard. I basically wanted to recreate the graveyard in San Miguel De Allende that we spent my birthday in last year, and I’m one of those annoying people who will try and [...]

Herbs for athletes. Part 1.


I’ve been practicing ashtanga yoga for 5 years now. Which isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, but as far as a daily practice goes, it feels like forever. Or almost forever. There’s a running (not very funny) joke in the ashtanga community: daily classes are called ‘Mysore style’ based on the part [...]

Pickled Watermelon Rinds


I like watching people test for good watermelons, because it makes them look crazy. I know this, because I do it, and people look at me like I’m crazy. I learned the knocking technique from an Israeli woman who claimed to be the ‘queen of vegetables’, who would bustle around the grocery store, knocking on [...]



One of the things I love about Los Angeles is how close everything is. Within 5 ours of my house we have skiing, white water rafting, deserts, mountains (including the highest mountain in the continental US), ocean, lake, hot springs and goodness knows what else. Around LA alone there’s over 4,000,000 acres of hikeable wilderness, [...]

Palestinian Mousakhan: chicken with sumac, onions and pine nuts.


There’s something distinctly thrilling to me about coming home with a bag of things that I’ve gathered, and using them all the time. Maybe because it’s a throwback to something more primal? Maybe because it makes you feel more connected with nature? Maybe all of the above. A few days ago, the weather finally cooled [...]

About astringents


  Our Wild Thing for the month of October is sumac. I know, I know. It’s more than two weeks into October, and I’m sorry for the delay. Truth be told, this is a tough one for me. Most of the herbs we use for Wild Things are things that I use a lot, so [...]

Mexico memories


I am dead set on turning my back yard into a Mexican graveyard for my birthday party this year, so Jam and I went downtown to Olivera Street to find decorations. Called ‘El Pueblo de Los Angeles’, Olivera St is the OG LA. For a while, it WAS Los Angeles. Now it’s more like a mini [...]

Lobster Mushroom Spaghetti


These chanterelle pictures- they’re from last year. From one of my favourite spots that, after a few days of scoring great mushrooms was obviously someone elses’ spot too, as from that day on, no amount of searching would find me anything except overturned non-chanterelles. This year, I’ll be looking for a new spot. But that won’t [...]