As promised, some pictures from my long weekend in the desert…

I hiked for miles, gathered pounds of plant matter, napped on rocks, hung out with trees, hung out with friends, scratched up knees, drank cider sat around a fire pit watching the dark desert night sky, and sat outside watching the moon before dawn with hot coffee and warm blankets. Some snaps from along the way: Manzanita trees, spring blossoms, my favourite tree (pinus quadrifolia), meyer lemon blossoms, ocotillo, kitten. More posts coming later this week, but in the meantime, here are some links I’ve been inspired by lately:

Pretty hanging plant pots

AMAZING house on the Selby

(the outdoor fireplace!)

At home with Rough Linen

Pin Up girls, before and after

TeePee boots with leather soles

Chocolate bundt cake I desperately want to make

How to make using your computer safer (from EMF and other MFs)

John Steinbeck on falling in love

Blood building syrup recipe  (for exhaustion, anemia and such)

A long but highly informative article on thyroid dysfunction and seaweed

Make individual salve packets for trips

Gorgeous looking handmade kyphi

Home project I can’t wait to try

Real clouds suspended in a room. Could I do this in my living room?

  • Linnae

    Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!

  • Butterpoweredbike

    John Steinbeck on falling in love? Must click. I could swear that I just read a brief food-related passage by him in one of my food writing books.

  • kristine

    stop it! you’re making me miss LA! i remember those days of escape to the mountains, ocean, desert and other wild places that others rarely frequented. hauntingly beautiful. the unique smells (i couldn’t stand the desert’s smell). feeling like you’re the only one for miles and miles….

    thanks for the link connect up there too. :)