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Cauldrons and Crockpots’ anti-consumerist consumerist gift guide

My apologies in advance: I have expensive taste. But I’d also love to open up the comments for anything you guys might have found. My requests are that it be a small business (I think the majority of us are all on the same page here about supporting small businesses?), and that if its your own products you say as much.

So here is what I’ve found, from my scourings of the interwebs. This list could also be titled ‘things Rebecca likes’ or ‘things Rebecca wishes she had on her feet’.

Why ‘anti-consumerist’ you ask? Because I feel very strongly about buying for the sake of buying. Our landfills are full and our closets overflowing (mine, anyway). But I also like gifts, and like seeing the looks on peoples’ faces as they open theirs. I’ve kept the list to things I’ve found from either individuals or small businesses; Etsy, Poppyswap and small operations who are local to someone, somewhere. Some things are silly expensive (who knows, maybe you’ve been looking all your life for felted bunny slippers: I know I felt like I had when I first saw them), some things are plant related, some things are made by my friends, some things are DIY projects, some things are made by me, and some things are just plain cool. So, without further ado, here we go…


This incense. Because I’ve tried every single one of them, and they’re all divine, and when you don’t have a fireplace, your house smells as though it does, and that, my friends, is priceless. Be sure to check out their super cute incense burners while you’re at it… :

This hanging planter, made by Tracy Wilkinson who lives in LA who I secretly stalk via her blog:

This badass and really pretty handmade knife:

The ultimate spatula (here’s a great review… I may have ordered a few of these as gifts):

This pretty, made by moi sparkly rose-scented and tinted lip balm:

This ridiculously beautiful print:

This perfect looking apron (it has pockets, its baggy, and its not cut to intersect big-bosomed people at precisely the wrong place to ever look attractive):

These bunny slippers which, for the record, are now my desktop background because I like them so much:

These booties, which are designed in LA and made by a single dude in Mexico City (as in, him alone, not as in, on Match dot com):

This totally badass, amazing and gorgeous smelling body scrub with absolutely no personal interest whatsoever *cough*. But really, it smells divine, leaves skin soft as can be, and it looks awesome sitting on the edge of your bathtub:

Cashmere knickers, from recycled wool, because they’re just awesome and someone’s BFF would appreciate it:

This face oil, because Ananda’s creations are, simply put, divine.:

Cuppow. Turn your mason jar into a cup. I have one and its brilliant.

I’ve been lucky enough to sample Darcey’s tea blends and that woman works magic. That she absolutely adores blending teas probably makes a difference: you can taste adoration…

Kirsten is a perfumier. We met at the farmer’s market in Los Angeles, where she sashayed (she sashays) over to say hello, and we got talking and I ignored all customers for the rest of the day to talk to her. I have one of her perfumes (Kyphi) which is a spicy, sweet, incensy blend, and can vouch for both the quality of her products and her talent and passion for perfume, too:

Some cute and fun DIYs:


Super cool idea– perfume in a locket:

DIY watchstrap (watch not included): 

What about you guys? Any fun DIYs or cool gifts you’ve found out there in cyberworld?


  • Butter

    So true about most aprons and the boobulous region.

  • Meadow Lore

    What a lovely and inspiring list. I actually don’t do Christmas gifting, but now I’m wishing I did : )

  • Heidi (AlpineGypsy)

    Unfortunately your list just makes me want to buy more things for ME and all my special peeps! Haha, just kidding…..these are all marvelous ~

    I hope you have a wonderful Holiday Season ♦


    • fairybekk

      Ha! Tis the season of altruism and secretly buying one extra for oneself?

  • Laura

    We have a young son, and these are what he is getting this year:
    There is also a wonderful puppet maker:

  • Natalie

    My sister is a phenomenal artist/craftsman/silversmith and does one of a kind handmade jewelry. She is high end, but her mark up is very low. We are talking quality here… If your going to shop I too believe in supporting small businesses and keeping it real. Thanks for the wonderful post!!

    • fairybekk

      Thanks Natalie! You’re right; they’re beautiful. I shared on the FB thread we have going too.

  • Saeriu

    Great items! We’re trying to make most of our gifts ourselves this year…to avoid mass consumerism and due to our budget. We’re having fun nonetheless. I’m making several sock monkeys, decorated kitchen towels, handmade dolls, and I’ve just found some handmade wood block houses (for inspiration) that I’ve talked my husband into cutting/painting for our 21 month old.

  • Michael Blackmore

    Great list. I like combining a charitable gift in the person’s name along with a something home made. Seems like a great combo to me.

  • Katherine

    The model in the picture of the apron is a size 4. Sigh…Plus size anyone?

  • Amber

    Oh, now I want to sew you an apron and I don’t even know you. A good fitting apron for someone who makes so many things by hand is a total necessity. I hope you or someone close to you gets it for you! Do you sew? Purl Soho has a free apron pattern very similar to that one so you could always make one if no one comes through on the apron…making the top into a large square instead of the slanted sides would be super easy. Here’s the link: