The elegance of water.


Water both scares and excites me. Unlike my husband who can’t stay away from the stuff, I have a healthy respect for it due to a. being a not-so-strong swimmer and b. two almost drowning incidents on the sea shore. I grew up on the water, some of my earliest memories are of the smell [...]

Gathering and processing conifers


(an information-heavy post) Hello kids, welcome to conifer 101. In which we discuss the identifying, nibbling, gathering and processing of conifer bits for food purposes. During the last few months of my obsession and your patient listening, on Facebook I suggested a conifer gathering post and it was met with THUNDEROUS applause and approval (glares [...]



When I was 9 or so, my mum had a friend, who we’ll call P, who became quite ill and started seeing a Chinese doctor. Well after that, every time she’d come and stay, she’d brew these big pots of the most DISGUSTING smelling herbs on the stove. And she’d stay for quite a while, [...]

All purpose Gluten Free Flour


Remember how I got sick in Mexico a couple of weeks ago? I haven’t been able to touch unfermented wheat ever since. Which, if you look at most of the things I write about, has come to be slightly distressing. I love coffee cakes and tarts and cookies. Almost as much as I love… hmm, [...]

Basic sweet tart crust


I think that people are quite scared of pastries because they hear all kinds of horror stories like “You NEED super cold hands or it’ll flop and be overworked and you’ll present a mess to your family for dinner and you’ll be so embarrassed that you’ll curl up in a ball and die right there [...]

Make your own medicinal herbal honeys and elixirs.


Making your own herbal medicines is ridiculously easy, and a nice little pharmacopeia can usually be put together from plants that you can find around where you live. A few of my favourite gentle herbs to make medicines with are the following:   Cherry: Blossoms and bark. Use the most fragrant ones you can find– [...]