(a recipe for braised fennel yum and exploration of what it is we all do) Often, while sitting at my little market stall, I am approached by people who want to know what a herb DOES. People are always interested in the function of person, plant or object alike, because we want to know how [...]

The loveliest sprout


I can’t believe I’m doing this to you. I mean, I hate sprouts. Really truly think they smell like socks and dirt and they make you fart to boot. It’s all Jamie’s fault. We were getting our weekly shopping and he saw brussels sprouts and started jumping up and down with excitement. Anybody who gets [...]

Choucroute: cooking with juniper berries


I have friends in high places. I mean, literally high places– up in the mountains, where juniper trees grow everywhere. Soft, succulent, aromatic juniper berries. Last week, I received a mystery box in the mail. Mystery, except for that familiar fresh woodsy smell that met me as I picked it up. And then I started [...]