Kings Road Apothecary Shop

  • Melissa

    HI there, i ordered some detox from you over a week ago, just checking on the status of the order? thanks, melissa

    • fairybekk

      Melissa- sorry, I just saw this now– am assuming it arrived safe?

  • kellie

    Every time I click on something on this page, I get and error message that this site is no longer valid; have you gone out of business?

    • fairybekk

      Oooh thanks for pointing that out. No, I’d just set the link wrong. It should be fixed now.

  • emcegg

    also want: wild rose tinted lip salve!!!

  • Maggie Ritz

    I ordered the detox tincture a couple of weeks ago and so far I have not received it.

  • Mortica

    None of your links are working. Can I view your goodies elsewhere?

  • Dawn Fowler

    Hi…received a shipping/tracking # on Wednesday, however there is no activity on the shipping label. Can you confirm it if shipped or not? I also have a website and when we generate a label, tracking info is displayed if the item actually has been sent…so I’ma just wondering if it’s lost or ?

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