Kings Road Apothecary Shop

10 thoughts on “Kings Road Apothecary Shop

  1. Melissa

    HI there, i ordered some detox from you over a week ago, just checking on the status of the order? thanks, melissa

  2. kellie

    Every time I click on something on this page, I get and error message that this site is no longer valid; have you gone out of business?

    1. fairybekk Post author

      Oooh thanks for pointing that out. No, I’d just set the link wrong. It should be fixed now.

  3. Maggie Ritz

    I ordered the detox tincture a couple of weeks ago and so far I have not received it.

  4. Dawn Fowler

    Hi…received a shipping/tracking # on Wednesday, however there is no activity on the shipping label. Can you confirm it if shipped or not? I also have a website and when we generate a label, tracking info is displayed if the item actually has been sent…so I’ma just wondering if it’s lost or ?

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